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Austin Farnam- Founder at Groove Culture

At Groove Culture, we do more than just sell clothes. We’re all about making musicians’ dreams come true. Our story is a mix of music, passion, and working really hard to turn out some super cool gear and clothes.
It started with a big love for music but there was also a strong desire for awesome music gear that makes playing even better. This is something every musician knows well. But there was a problem: good music gear costs a lot of money. The money from playing music isn’t always enough to buy the best gear but Groove Culture provides another way for musicians!
The main goal of our brand is to ensure that Groove Culture has an eclectic and ever-changing selection of merchandise providing clothing that will catch peoples’ attention both on and off the stage. Groove Culture is about clothing with musicians in mind while ensuring the highest level of quality and comfort. Simply put, we are here to celebrate music, passion, and the strong drive to get musicians’ hands on some sweet juicy gear.

Welcome to Groove Culture, where dreams and musicians find their place.

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